Passenger Side Screen Interface

Why should the driver get all the cool gadgets and screens?

In order to provide the front seat passenger with entertainment while on the move, we have engineered and designed a whole new infotainment screen running along the length of the entire dashboard from the left air conditioning vent all the way to the end on the right side of the dashboard.

  • The passenger side panel would have infinite customizable screen interface options with more than 45 apps available to choose from.

  • For entertainment you can choose from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max.

  • Or if you just want some peace then you can shift to Spotify or your iTunes and listen to that Kenny G song.

  • If you have kids then you can keep them entertained as well since the passenger side screen would support Xbox, PS4 and PS5 games and because of Bluetooth connectivity they can also connect their wireless controllers and shoot away on Call of Duty.

  • If you need to get some work done while on the move, then don't worry. Just connect your external hard drive to one of the 6 USB or type-c ports available in the vehicle and complete you work by accessing all your files from one single spot.

  • You miss your parents, don't worry. The in-built 42 megapixel hidden front camera in passenger screen would make sure your skype video call quality never drops down and would help you always stay connected with your loved ones no matter where you are.

  • Want to buy that cool gaming keyboard you have been looking at for months, go ahead and log into your amazon prime account on the panel and book it already with the in-built shopping apps like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Target etc.