Center Console Screen



The re-envisioned center console comprising the control panel can be used to hold meetings, write emails, have video calls, fulfill entertainment purposes etc.

The small lock in the top left corner displays that The Meeting Mode has been enabled and that window/tab displaying the output from the camera's of the vehicle will remain locked in its place for as long as meeting mode stays enabled.

This locked in window/tab takes in feedback from all the sensors and cameras of the car and shows the driver how the vehicle is performing and can also warn him/her of any imminent dangers and if they need to take back control.

When in The Meeting Mode, this center console is meant to serve as your all-in-one device. You want to check your emails? Go ahead, you can do that. You are tired of checking your emails and want to watch Madam Secretary on Netflix, alright you got that too. While watching Netflix you realize you have to call your business partner but your phone's battery is dead, don't worry we got you. Without looking at your dashboard you want to know how the vehicle is performing, I guess you already have it figured out by now that indeed we have you covered.

With fully customizable options and a fully functional app store, now you can organize your center console however you want it to be.

This is primarily how the center console would look like after the implementation of the interfaces.